Welcome to the Official Homepage of the Norwegian painter and Internet wizard Olav Hovdhaugen

Since my first go at Arpanet in 1986 up to this days I have been jumping around so many services online for so long now, talked to more people in my life then what is possible to remember!

Each of you shaped me into who I am today!

As I strongly believe in sharing equal also any success or set backs in life 
I created this site for people I met in my life, to enable them to find my contact information

My thoughts are always with friends and family around the world
And we are just one big family!

Remember to be a nice person and share if you have to much of something!

If you want to Donate funds to me, there are some options in my site. You can also contact me in information provided in my site
All my artworks are "Kept in Magazine" in return for donations all the time I painted or did art.
I like to surprise people with gifts and in the future each artwork then will have a special story and mean something for someone
I have already done art since around forever and medium acrylic since 1996!

I can print things from previous work, and I can do many things

But if you want me to put things up on this site, I actually need donations because a guy with my skills can not set up complex publications on the Internet for free!

Your best option to reach me is to write me a letter or postcard or come visit! My studio is always open for guests who make appointments

Olav Hovdhaugen


As a extra Service we allow you to study every little in and out of this beautiful planet and our one big family around the world

Take some time to explore the world, then look away from the screen as much as possible and enjoy your surroundings

I have included a live visitor map on the maps provided offer a great way to explore the world, so does Radio.Garden