Weird strange facts about me as a person and my art life in general

I was born in Volda, Norway in June 1978. For all my life I loved drawing. I made two animation movies that was aired on NRK national TV before I was ten. I did some drawing lessons with artist Tove Stavem Reite,Norwat in traditional drawing. Also I did a Calligraphy class at Tove's art workshop in Volda with a Chinese Calligraphy Master. Painting I started doing backdrops for stage work in 1995. Then later I had painting lessons with Blair Paul Harper, Idaho USA in 1996. We also played in a band with me on bass and him on drums. We played a lot. Later when I came home from private music school in 1996 My mother started giving me acrylic paint and she and my father have backed me on my wild projects painting. First when I started out I was cheap on the paint and worked hard. In 2004 I met famous painter Bjørn Brusdal and had a chance to sit and paint with him for a few weeks. I learned a lot from him and got pointers. Since 1996 I have been painting self taught besides from the masters who gave me school. I can thank a lot of people for shaping me into a painter. I want to thank Robert Steinnes for being a person who always painted and was a friend among many who inspire me. I could mention a few more but now a little about my main goal in my art

I want to capture nature in fantasy landscapes. I keep painting to nail that just one. Many people say they have my best painting, but alas that I have saved in my heart for a special occasion. I paint sometimes a lot and sometimes I have long breaks. You see I also have a passion for the internet and learning things about subjects like LINUX and also web design and how things work. I have been online since intranet in |1986 so I have touched so many people I have lost track of you.

My mission is to be up on a wall with somebody who adores my art and make it a piece of their home. Never forget I need backers, so be generous if you can in donations. I base my hobby on sales. You can commission, you can request me to paint something. And you can also contact me if you are looking for some of my art. I intend to put up much of my art soon and plan to launch a new site with lot's of my work in 2022.