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I sell art and it's possible to order only originals.

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Photo by Mr Michael Sermet, Sykkylven - Photo taken at Mellestiftinga Svendsengarden, Ørsta - Norway (Private Photo)

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I provide original paintings shipped globally. Contact me by email to place a custom made order just for you! If you like my work, I believe it can add beauty to your home, office etc and be something you will surely treasure.

Depending on many factors, prices and sizes will vary. I like full artistic freedom but will do my best to make it your favorite painting.

Supply and demand rule applies. My production is solid so any serious request will be considered and made just for YOU!

I ship globally for a small extra fee to cover sending expenses.

I only sell originals but can on request make anything from postcards

to prints, litographies and prints on signed canvas.

Besides all this I also allow downloads for personal use from my works on the site.

If you're a photo artist and use software for image manipulation contact me for use of my works for a small licence fee we agree upon.

An artist's life will take you to many places both inside your mind and you are destined to come across other artists.
I love making friends with other painters, musicians and magicians of some sort, as well as intellectuals. Contact me anytime!