Photo by Mr Michael Sermet, Sykkylven - Norway. Shoes from SkOlsen, Volda.

Donations and backers are most welcome to help fund my art!

Since 1996 I have been painting and drawing for fun and therapy for over 25 years. Numerous of works of art have found their way up on walls around the world and lots in Norway where I am based.

I work out of my studio apartment more a studio than an apartment. Production is steady and so is demand.

Feel free to back me in one of the few options listed on this page. For long term or one time gift, or to pay for art you order or buy this is the place to go.

You are most welcome to donate a gift via PayPal or any of the other payment options. I will use the funds to develop this site and use any funds I can to evolve as an artist. Also hope to build a site you all will enjoy. Olav Hovdhaugen

My main income comes from sales of paintings and even if you are most welcome to donate gifts of pay via Vipps or PayPal for artworks or banks on agreement, I'd rather hear from you for orders for paintings or licenses for reproducing my artworks in digital tools or e.g prints or postcards etc

I can provide a wide selection of images on request dating back to 1996

Feel free to become a backer, give a gift but do also consider buying an original. That would make my day


Er du Norsk og digger Vipps? Da er du velkommen til å gi en gave med Vipps eller betale for et kunstverk du har kjøpt og investert i. Vipps 40554789

Olav Hovdhaugen

International visitors and buyers are most welcome to gift, donate or settle a order via PayPal. Any gift is welcome! Thanks in advance.

Olav Hovdhaugen

Feel free to support and back my life as a painter! Help me cover my living expenses and works!

I support myself in my works with art. I base myself on sales that is put back into buying more artsupplies and keep creating original art. I am state funded to cover my living expenses but I need support to reach the level I want to be on as an artist. Please consider supporting my unique creation of art.