Welcome to the official homepage of the Norwegian painter and digital artist Olav Hovdhaugen

Limited edition and highly collectible original art

Contact me personally if you are interested in buying my artworks

I don't have any agent and sales are only made by contacting me in person. Or you can buy from people who has bought art from me in the past.

I ship globally if your actually want to buy one of my works, and once you have reached out to me and made a agreement to buy any art from me we will find a way to make you and me both happy.

Art and Music have been two factors I can't live without

My works have been strategically sold, gifted, been stolen and donated systematically since the day I started painting!

From animation videos aired on Norwegian Broadcasting corporations two times on two projects I was in on creating in the 80ths. I have been drawing and painting since I was a child and took up acrylic painting in 1995

I am a educated musician but stopped performing publicly at some point around 1999

But I take my musician skills into my art and improvise

I have also been creating digital art for several decades and have been online for five decades.

After four decades of painting I am a well established name in art.

Mostly I paint graphical works, each individual piece is unique and when it leaves my studio, my works find their own way of living to bring joy to people all over the world and also across Norway from North to south.

For several decades my art also have been spread on the internet so people from all over the world have been able to see it and some even use it for screensavers! It's been a fun journey.

I leave it for the future to judge if my art is good and live one day at a time creating new works.

Each artwork is a social comment and often been specially created only for the people who actually gets a hold of the art. Be it drawings, sketches, paintings or my digital art.

Gradually I will roll out my homepage for you all to enjoy

and get a glance into my world of art

For my friends, family or people interested in my artworks or online creations, please contact me on information provided here or come visit! Only by meeting me in person I can make any real deals.

Contact me at: olav@olavhovdhaugen.com

Site will be updated on the go!

Feel Free AS a bird!

And send some snail mail to:

Mr Olav Hovdhaugen

Post office box 251

NO6101 Volda


Call me at.


If you need to share a few words!