"7Ven" - (Seven) Night themes Works

My project 7ven is 7 works made up from 11 canvases the vary in size from 400mm x 1200mm up to 4 meter x 1 works. They will all be night themes capturing winter and nature in harmony with moon light, stars, northern lights and all unique stories told work by work to make up a artistic tribute to winter nights and trying to capture snow in my well know FANTASCAPE style where every work is dreamed up and painted from a blank canvas to make up something to last for ages, make conversations start, make you dream and escape for a while into this imaginary world in each painting. Visitors to my small studio apartment have for a long while watched my prototype studies as the alter and change and evolve.

One of my prototypes for this project was donated to the Astronomy Center Kometland as a gift to the new build observatory that holds the largest and most powerful telescope in Norway at a privately owned Astronomy Center in Norway totally unique and worth visiting! Look for them at the internet

My "Severnoe Sianiye" that is Russian for "Northern Lights" and was painted on a challenge from a friend from Moscow. Painting in acrylic and pigment later gloss varnished painting at size 400mm x 1200mm painting now hangs at Kometland. My friend Nicklas took a good photo when I have had it framed posted here

Artist Olav Hovdhaugen (NO) posing with the painting "Severnoe Sianie" winter 2019

Later I had made 10 lithographs from this only gifted to a few close friends. But I also made a bunch of postcards made from it that all live their own life. I used this photo posted that is not color edited. Looks like this:

"Severnoe SIanie" Completed October 2019

I painted over 100 paintings the last few years and yet I work full time on 7ven I do paint other things. I have done anything from Portraits, abstract, fantasy landscapes, painted from photo, plein air and all sorts. I had Calligraphy lessons with a Chinese master, I have had drawing lesson with a great local artist. I have learned from going to exhibits and art museums and also having many artist friends around the world. And have also had lessons from friends. My art have started to travel and yet I have no idea about a total numbers of artworks created I know they art from North to South in Norway around in Scandinavia and also places Like USA and Russia, Ukraine, Denmark who knows. All art I created are let go to make their own journeys.


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