A Sneak Peak into the 7ven Project

My nigh theme paintings in the series of "7ven" - 7 paintings in size from 4 meter x 1 meter too 120cm x 40 cm touches both northern lights and the moon and starry night draped in typical fantasy landscapes inspired by Norwegian nature. Currently the project is 5 percent finished as the basic work is done prepping the canvases for longer life treated the backside and tied the canvas greatly not to crack. Plus the canvases are primed several times and basically sketched up. It can go anywhere from here. The detail work is really 70% of the work and the basic compostion is the rest 25%

I post a painting of my linux workstation with some of the art in the back ground. I aim to show this in a expo. I need funding for this project as it is very expensive as I also need to raise funds for having them all framed. Any donations and gifts can bring of perks, discounts and special rewards. Check the donation page to become a backer

Me and my best buddies was big David Bowie fans growing up. On random occation I dubbed my Night studies theme series "7ven" Seven is a great Bowie song. Let's add this!

Another update!

To make a living I now work on 16 day theme nature paintings in a series I plan to finish first, then see what I do with it. Would be cool to sell them on the site and set up a shop and sell the originals. It's not so tricky or expensive to ship globally. I do if often. I set my price at 250 USD pr painting as minimum prize now. Plus we add a little extra for shipping. But contact me once that thing is up. I have PayPal so it's no hazzle to buy from me. My art only will increase in Value as I plan to keep creating my own style art

All the best

Olav Hovdhaugen


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