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Updated: Sep 12

I am about to release a rather big catalouge with drawings and paintings dating back to the 90ths and up to current time. It is time to share with the world a unique private collection of my artworks. I plan to do that within the end of the month if possible and you will be able to view a broad and unique look into my works of art for the last 3-4 decades. I still have to edit these things, and include it into my site. But then you know what is happening behind the scenes.. Not a spoiler really as my homepage will only host my original artwork protected by Norwegian law. I have no chance as I have lost track of my art that hangs with best friends in Palestine, Gaza to St Peterburg, Russia and USA etc.. Ukraine, Denmark... Honestly have no idea.

Here is a song I love

This new update will take some time, but check back in a few weeks and I am most certain to present more works.. also trying to paint some new things


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